Lera Shadrina, the Designer of the BEINUNISON, was inspired by Berlin when she launched the brand. Her minimalistic clothes, however, are going to become the perfect choice for streetwear fans from any European capital.

It was in Berlin, the favorite city of Moscow trendies, where Lera Shadrina, the founder of BE IN UNISON, was born, and she still spends there a good deal of her time. Berlin’s energy, rhythm and style inspired the designer to create her own brand of clothes in 2018.

It is what is called “street wear” in its style, so it is not at all flashy, but quite neat and laconic, and some of its interesting details are primarily noticeable and understandable to the very owner of the item. This is exactly what the ideal urban image should be: calm colors, simple silhouettes, a minimalistic design and an absolute versatility of models.

The name of the brand “BEINUNISON”, that means ” to be in unison”, is by no means accidental. The team of this brand encourages their customers to go in unison with themselves, rather than with the crowds of people, follow their own personal style, not the common trends, and make their clothes a canvas for expressing themselves.

A minimalistic approach to clothes’ design is helpful in removing from them all unnecessary distractions and focus on the main thing. This is the reason why the BEINUNISON clothes are comfortable and laconic – everyone, if they want, can personalize them in their own way and express their individuality.

In producing the brand’s clothes high-quality natural fabrics are mainly used. The team is concerned to ensure that all materials are not only of good quality but also provide an easy care. Besides, the style of some of the clothes is a unisex one, so these items are equally suitable for both women and men.